Welcome to our informative website which focuses on the subject of horses and their links to sport and tourism. This includes horse racing, as well as the experience of undertaking pub crawls while on horseback. This second activity may not be very well known to the general public. Despite this, it is a highly rewarding pastime to try out. Several different companies allow people to enjoy riding trips that pause at pubs along the way. Our site delves into this strange yet exciting world.

Safety should, of course, be of the utmost importance for those who wish to engage in this activity. To help with this, we have an article that contains some useful tips. This will allow riders to ensure that they have the safest possible trip while out on the trail. It is worth reading this, as it will come in useful in real-world situations.

Australia is the leading country for horseback pub crawls. For this reason, we have an article dedicated to them. We discuss what will happen on a typical trip, citing a well-known trail as an example. This will give tourists a glimpse of what this activity is actually like. It will also help those who are on the fence, to decide whether this activity is really for them.

We also have a section that informs the reader on the many different alcoholic drinks to try out. It lists some of the most popular types of booze, such as beer and champagne. This means that when a person goes out on a pub crawl, they will have a better understanding of what they should order.

Alcohol and horses have had a long history in the film industry. We have an article that talks about the numerous movies where the protagonist rides a horse. Some of these motion pictures also feature alcohol frequently. This can be seen in westerns such as True Grit. The article has a diverse number of films in it, from older classics to more modern ones.

We also have a more general article about the history of horse races. This includes where we get the term “derby” from, as well as how the consumption of alcohol is changing at these events. This article is ideal for people who want to learn more about the evolution of this sport.

If someone reads all of these articles, then we hope that they will have all the information they need, to make their horseback pub crawl as fun and safe as possible. This is a niche subject, and there can be some difficulty in finding sites that cover it. It is our mission to reliably inform people about this topic and ensure that they know everything they need to, for an enjoyable trip.