It will come as a surprise to many people that horseback pub crawls exist. This might sound like a novel and bizarre activity, but it is certainly one that is worth doing. In fact the unique nature of it is what attracts so many tourists. People get to tell their friends and family that they have been on a trip that is unlike anything else.

However, very few countries actually offer this service. There are plenty of horse riding holidays throughout the world to engage in. However, not many of these involve the act of drinking alcohol. In fact some nations have laws that strictly prohibit intoxicated people from riding horses. It should be noted that even horseback pub crawls try to avoid getting drunk people to travel on their mount. They spread the trips to the pub over time so that this is not an issue.

The most famous trip of this type takes place in Bellrowan Valley, Australia. This involves long distance trail riding, where visitors get to experience the beautiful nature of the outback. The journey takes two days and one night to complete.

This appeals to a large number of people due to the fact that you do not need to have a high skill level. Even beginners are welcome on the trail. However, the more you know about horse riding the higher your level of enjoyment will tend to be.

This trip stops off at a local pub. The establishment in question relies on tourism. People will be able to see a beautiful view of both Beechwood and Bago Bluff while pausing here. This is the part of the trip for drinking alcohol and relaxing.

There is a veranda that gives visitors a great photo opportunity. There is also a selection of drinks to choose from. After this guests have the option of either camping out in the wilderness or going to an indoor accommodation within the Bellrowan Valley. The next day involves a lot more riding, as well as a barbecue.

This sort of activity is not for everyone. Those who choose to do it will have to spend long portions of the day sitting on a horse. They will also be out in the hot sun, exposed to both the elements and insects that inhabit the area. However, if horse riding for long periods appeals to you then this is a trip that should certainly be considered.