• Beer

This is the standard drink to order when in a pub. There is a massive variety of beers to try all over the world. Some are local ones made in independent breweries. Others are household names which are exported internationally.

Beer is usually served in pint sized glasses. Its colour and taste can vary considerably. If you find yourself on a horseback pub crawl then this is one of the best beverages to have.

  • Gin And Tonic

A G&T can be served with lemon and ice if this is what the customer desires. This is the go to drink for anyone who wants an alcoholic beverage that is not as filling as beer. It has proven to be popular in bars everywhere.

Typically there will be a selection of different gin brands to choose from. The bartender will ask the patron which one they prefer. Some people like to pour their own tonic so that they get the exact right amount.

  • Wine

Wine can be one of three categories. These are red, white and rose. The bottle will state the year the wine was made, as well as the country/province from whence it came. Wine tasting sessions can be an ideal way to enjoy a horseback pub crawl.

  • Cider

Cider is a sweet alcoholic drink made from fermented apples. It can be either still or carbonated. Not everyone enjoys the taste of cider. Therefore it should not be the main drink when out on a pub crawl.

  • Vodka

Vodka is a strong spirit that can be mixed with many others create cocktails. There is a wide range of different combinations to try. A Bloody Mary mixes vodka with tomato juice. Alternatively it can be drunk straight.

  • Tequila Slammers

A tequila slammer is the best drink for groups. Enjoying it can be a communal activity. The group gathers round and each person gets their own shot of the spirit. They then lick salt, down the drink and quickly suck on a lemon or lime. People do this at the same time so that everyone can enjoy it together.

  • Dry Martini

This cocktail has been enjoyed by a large number of celebrities over the years. It is a combination of vermouth and gin. This is mixed in a cocktail shaker with ice, before being strained into a martini glass. The drink can then be prepared with either an olive or a twist of lemon.

  • Champagne

This is the standard drink to be had if you want to a have classy, celebratory night out. It is both bubbly and pleasant. Champagne tends to be served in special glasses called flutes. Legally a bottle can only be labelled as champagne if it has been made in the eponymous region of France.

Champagne tends to be one of the more expensive choices on the drink lists of pubs. The high price can be enough to turn some people off. However, if you want to make the night a little more special then it is definitely worth ordering a bottle.