No pub crawl on horseback can be complete without the odd joke or pun about horses. Here are some fun ways to spend time with your friends while having a drink.


Stop horsing around you.

This drink is giving me a sore throat. I am feeling hoarse today.

The night went off without a hitch.

The pub smells foal.

I am sorry I spilt my drink and fouled up.

You guys and girls are getting out of control. It is time to rein it in.

I want free rein over the drinks and your wallet.

We are around Mane Street at the moment.

Thank you so much for your horsepitality.

This pub crawl is a nightmare.

Harness your skills and get me a drink.

Hay, can you grab me a drink, please?

I wanted to go to the derby, but I had to go to a gallop pole.

She/he certainly has a tail to tell.


What do you call a horse that never falls over? Stable

Do you know the best horses to ride after 5pm? A nightmare

What do you call a horse that always misses the start? A foul-up.

How do you beat a horse in the pub? Drink it under the stable.

What do you call two horses that adore each other? Neck and neck

A horse walks into the hospital with its trainer after a long day. The trainer says to the doctor. Hay Doc, my horse is having a turn. The doctor says, can you repeat that I missed the start?

“Numbers are down at the races this year mate says the horse to the bartender” The bartender looks surprised at the talking horse and asks, ” How do you know that “? I saw a gallop pole.

These are just a few jokes and puns that will make your pub crawl on horseback great fun!