Horseback pub crawls have their own safety issues that are worth considering before embarking on one. After all, mixing copious amounts of alcohol with horse riding could potentially be a recipe for disaster. This activity tends to take multiple nights to complete. This is so that the participants can have nights to sober up, in between visits to drinking establishments.

It is also essential that tourists do not overdo it when it comes to drinking. You should have a good time but still know your limits. Using alcohol in moderation is the key to having a successful, fun and safe time, during a horseback pub crawl.

Horse Riding

Obviously, this activity will involve a lot of time on a horse. Beginners will be given lessons in how to ride one properly. There are a few specific things to keep in mind while doing this.

You should only ride a horse that is suitable for your specific skill level. Beginners should ride ones that are well mannered and used to the various mistakes that newbies can sometimes make. Children should not be left unattended with these animals. Underaged people would not attend a pub crawl anyway, so this should not be an issue. However, it is still worth remembering.

Before taking a horse out on a trail, the rider should spend some time getting to know it. This will allow the animal to gain a sense of trust and familiarity with its new companion. Horses that are used for pub crawls will already have had a history of accompanying tourists. They should not be afraid of strangers.

It is also undoubtedly an idea to wear the necessary safety equipment. This can include a helmet, a specialised vest and padding. This is to cushion the fall in the event of an accident. The tour company should provide this for you. A good company will also have a sufficient insurance policy.


The most dangerous thing a camper can do is leave a fire unattended. If a person does this, then it can quickly spread out of control. Australia is where most horseback pub crawls take place. Many arid regions are susceptible to wildfires. Therefore, a camper should always put their flames out afterwards. They should also make sure that they do not light any fires in areas where it is prohibited.

This country also has many dangerous animals. It is useful to know what kind of wildlife can be found in or near the campsite. Generally, the guide will have a good knowledge of the area. Despite this, it is still worthwhile to know what hazardous creatures to look out for. This can include venomous snakes and spiders, as well as mosquitoes.