Horses are not only reliable as a great source of leisure for people all over the world but they continually surprise people also. Here are some things that you may not know about horses.

Horses in Movies

Lord of the Rings is one of the most famous horse movies of all time but did you know how many horses were used in the films? Lord of the Rings used over 200 horses and amazingly there were very few injuries. Many of the horses were fitted with motion capture suits and were filmed doing actions like galloping and rearing.

Trigger was the name of a famous horse used by actor Roy Rogers in his movies. Trigger was with Rogers in ‘The Golden Stallion’. Trigger was a very accomplished horse. It could perform over 100 tricks and walk on its back legs. When the horse died, Rogers thought of Trigger so highly that he decided to have Trigger stuffed in the rearing position.

Other Crazy Facts about Horses

  • Horses have eyes on the side of their head making them one of a select number of animals that have 360-degree vision.
  • It is very rare to see a number of horses all lying down at the same time because one horse always acts as a lookout.
  • Horses do not vomit like humans and it is believed that horses evolved to retain more food than toxins.
  • Horses do not like sour or bitter flavours but love sweet things.
  • Horse hooves are made of the same material that hair and fingernails are made of.
  • Horses can be lonely just like humans and even mourn the passing of other horses.
  • Horses usually breathe through their nose and not their mouth.
  • There are still so many wild horsesthat they need to be culled in many different places all over the world.

Horses will continue to be loved by people for many different reasons. They can excite and surprise us everywhere.